Motorcycle Taxi Driver Association of Thailand

Address: 639/1 Soi Ladprao 101, Klong Chao Samae Sing, Bueng Thong Lang, Bangkok.
The Association was founded on 23 January 2010 with initial 100 members starting.The Association’ currently has 5,448 members.
The Association consists of member groups (“win”) from Ladprao 101, – Soi Phawana, Samutprakan ,Nonthaburi ,Chachoengsao,and around Bangkok, composing of200 “wins” in 30 districts. Othee 20 groups are non-members, operating in the central old town of Bangkok, such as Dusit, Samphanthawong, Phra Nakhon,
In 2003, the government decided to clean up motorcycle taxis. The policy ensured that the motorcycle taxi drivers would not have to pay illegal protection fees to influential figures. The policy did not work as riders are extorted for bribes. The leadership struggled to have their voice heard at risk of a threat of imprisonment. The motorcycle taxi drivers collectively made a demand with the government and succeeded to have a negotiation at Phisanulok Mansion to file grievance. Phisanulok Mansion, was designated as a motorcycle taxi drivers complaint receiving center, otherwise, motorcycle taxi driver can dropped their complaint in the “red box.” Motorcycle taxi drivers were advised that they should register an association, as a legal entity to represent fellow drivers.
• Protect the rights and interests of motorbike taxi drivers;
• Represent and coordinate with government agencies and other entity;
• Improve membership’s livelihood;
• Support the government agencies’ activities for social benefit; and
• Protect motorcycle taxi users’ interests and assist government agencies.
Board of Committee’s Structure . The Board of Committee consists of 15 members, as of 28 March 2014. The term is four years.
1. Mr. Chalerm Changtongmadan President
2. Mr. Wichien chumchuen Vice President
2. Mr. Pin Prateung Vice President
4. Mr. Boonchuen Jinjao Vice President
5. Mr. Pairoj Sae-Tang Vice President
6. Mr. Wicha Chumcheun Board of Committee
10. Mr. Prachan Muenhanwong Board of Committee
8. Mr. Jatupon Khunthep Board of Committee
9. Mr. Paiboon Malaput Board of Committee
10. Mr. Likit Saepadha Board of Committee
11. Mr. Phajon Humart Board of Committee and Registrar
12. Miss Chutima Kanppetra Board of Committee and Hostess
13. Ms. Penpra Srisiri Board of Committee and Public Relations
13. Ms. Penpra Srisiri Board of Committee and Public Relations
15. Mr. Montri Jaithon Board of Committee and Secretary
Saving Cooperatives
The Association established the saving cooperative on 31 August 2014 with 409 members.The saving cooperatives has 30 million Baht working capital and over 7 million saving from members. A saving cooperative member must apply for the Association’s membership.
Conditions for Saving/ and Loan
• Monthly saving of 100 Baht, maximum loan amount 10,000 Baht;
• Monthly savings of 500 Baht, maximum loan amount 50,000 Baht;
• Monthly savings of 1,000 Baht, maximum loan amount 100,000 Baht;
• Monthly savings of 2,000 Baht, maximum loan amount 200,000 Baht;
Benefits for Members
• A saving cooperative member who have been saving and and became a member for at least6 months can apply for a loan at an interest rate of 1.25 Baht/ month. Income from interests will be repay to members at the end of each year as dividends.
• In-patients Benefits In-patient benefit for 300 Baht each day at a hospital.
• Member can lease a motorcycle through a leasing program at the Association. The Association will apply for public commute vehicle licence plate for them.
Governance of the Saving Cooperative. Currently there are15Board of Committee members, as follows:
1. Mr. Chalerm Changtongmadan Chairman
2. Mr. Pin Prateung Vice Chairman
3. Mr. Montri Jaiton Secretary General
4. Mrs. Sroi Chomngamkam Treasurer
5. Mr. Praphon Poonrat Registra
6. Mrs. Mariwan Changcharoen Credit Officer
7. Mr. Narongsak Lueamnaj Credit Officer
8. Mr. Jatupon Khunthep Credit Officer
9. Mr. Kittiphol Sansen Auditor
10. Mr. Prachan Muenhanwong Auditor
11. Mr. Siradej Choptham Auditor
12. Mr. Khemaraj Arjunka Public Relations
13. Mr. Nattapon Polaart Public Relations
14. Mr. Plein Lahkampaa Public Relations
15. Mr. Chaiya Intason Public Relations
Membership Relation and Networking Activity
• Annual fund-raising dinner.
• Health Activities
• Campaigning with Honda’s “No Drunk Driving” Campaign;
Activities with government agencies/private organizations;
• Collaborating with the Foundation forLabor and Employment Promotion/ Informal Workers Association/Domestic Workers Network on pension scheme under Social Security, Section 40.
• Organize education session with Social Security Office, Area 10 on Section 40 Social Security Scheme;
• Co-nominated with the Planning Architecture Department, Chulalongkorn University, for the United Nations Development in Social Responsibility Award in 2015.

Social Welfare
• Twenty per cent of members are on Section 40 Social Security Scheme;
• Road accident insurance and private insurance;
• Universal Health Coverage (30 Baht card);
• Acquire reasonable priced motorcycles for members;
• Assist members from informal loan sharks, by working with the Government Saving Bank to provide loan for members.
• As of May 2016, the amount of working capital was over 16 million Baht.
• Collaborate with Go Bike to launch an Application for Bangkok motorcycle taxi drivers. The Application is a platform for legal motorcycle taxi drivers.Ensure that users can receive safe service and have safe rides. The trial period started in 2015, at Ladprao Soi 15 win. The Association sent a letter requesting a discussion with the Direct General of the Department of Transportation to top launch the Application.
• State officials do not give importance and are not sincere in solving problems. Do not cooperate on complaints;
• Inadequate access to state funds such as the village development funds;
• The members cannot apply for housing mortgage because they do not have payslips. Most of the members rent a house;
• The members are not qualified to apply for Secure Housing Support from Housing Development Agency;
• The members do not have an employers, thus, they are not eligible to have social security; and
• The majority of members, who were from other provinces, have difficulty accessing healthcare service in cities.
Recommendation and Demands
• Housing welfare for low income citizens, especially members from the provinceswho face difficulties to own a house, e.g. government subsidized motorcycle taxi driver’s village;
• Government health welfare (Universal Health Coverage) available where the members live and work;
• Members can apply for low interest rate mortgage to increase an opportunity that they can buy a house;
• Safety and road accident prevention for motorcycle taxi drivers.