Thai Street Vendors Netwrok for Sustainable Development Background

Street vendors who were suffered from the street vending ban policy in late 2016 are members of the network to seek a sustainable solution by filing grievance with many agencies. Finally on 30 September 2016 street vendor met at the Office of the Prime Minister’s Office to file a petition at the “Government Complaint Center for the People” The vendors exchanged phone numbers and decided to form a group of street vendors affected by this state policy. Vendors formerly selling in other areas told one another and the group has been expanding. The group has monitored their complaint progress and they have been introduced to former MPfrom the Democrat Party, Mr. Vajira Phetthong, who coordinated the group submit their petition to agencies. On 7 December 2017, the group attended the a seminar organized by the Foundation for the Labor and Employment Promotion(HomeNet Thailand) , with an aim to raise brainstorm solution for the street vending, entitled “City and Street Vending: Concepts for Development” at the Christian Student Center. The group’s prominent activities involved attending meeting and seeking to end the ban so the vendors can return to the street. On 14 March 2018 the group decided to vote and form a formal group as”Thai Street Vendors Network for Sustainable Development” At that time, there were vendors from 14 areas in Bangkok. As of 17 April 2018, the network has expanded from 21 areas to 27 areas, including more than 7,500 affected vendors.
To protect the rights to occupation among street vendors, and give members counselling and assistance;
Ensure street vendors receive justice and reduce their social inequality;
Represent the street vendor as an occupational group in the policy process regarding street vendors;