During 1992-1996 International Labor Organization(ILO) implemented theSocial Protection for Home-Based Workers. As a result, home-based and non-governmental organizations in Bangkok and Northern Thailand set up a network to promote social protection for homeworkers.own account workersand other informal workersKnown asthe “Informal Workers Network or Homenet Thailand “
In 1997 non-governmental organizations working with the network have established “Center for Homeworkers Study and Development”to support the operation, to conduct study and research on informal worker issues and to campaign for legislation and social protection policies for informal worker. Later in 2003 ,The Center was registered as a foundation under the nam.”Foundation for Labor and Employment Promotion (FLEP). However, the general public is still know us as “Homenet Thailand”
Later, in 2013, own account workers and other informal workers, have registered theAssociation of Informal Workers Network (Thailand) or Homenet Thailand Association. However, the general public still refer to Association and the Foundation collectively asHomenet Thailand