Focal City

Project name: Strengthen the Bangkok Informal Sector (Bangkok Focal City)
• Strengthen the informal sector in Bangkok.
• Coordinating with local authorities, government agencies at the national level, civil society, and the business sectors
Target group
Four informal occupational groups in Bangkok
18 months (October 2016 – March 2018)
75,850 USD = 2,654,750 Baht
Main activities:
• Communication and negotiation for the development of the Embassy Building to boost confidence among workers;
• Collect informal sector information among four occupational groups by focus group interview;
• Three policy forums;
• Marketing networking meeting with the business sector;
• Create inter-cities learning network: Accra, Lima, and Delhi; and
• Publish good practices.
• Report the informal sector situations in Bangkok bed on data in the focus group discussion and policy analysis;
• Informal sector leaders are trained in negotiation and social communication;
• Document good practices and experience from the project;
• Meet with officials in Bangkok, civil society organizations, academicians, and journalists;
• Informal sector leaders participated in an exchange visit with SEWA;
• Formed a policy forum with stakeholders;
• Create a platform to connect with the business sector;
• Consult with the National Statistical Office to develop statistics for own-account workers and informal workers
• Document lesson learned (the Confederation – the street Vendors Group, and statistics)