Project name

Extending access to justice and health services for migrant domestic workers in Thailand


To empower MDWs to gain knowledge on reproductive health and occupational health and safety (OSH), gain access to public healthcare services as they are entitled, and gain access to legal rights, the judicial system and redress mechanisms.


18 Months (February 2016 – July 2017)


7 mills THB- IFRC  6,300,000 THB, FLEP 700,000 THB

Main activities

  1. Train Hello Volunteers on DW’s law, health insurance, migrants policies and measures, OSH, reproductive health, First Aid and mobile application
  2. Develop mobile Application for DWs (Thai and Burmese language)
  3. Small groups trainings for 130 MDWs
  4. Develop CRT
  5. Create communication plat form Hotline and Face Book
  6. 4 Policy dialogues to increase access to legal protection, judicial system and health services
  7.  5 Mobile clinics on legal aid and health services.


50 Hello Volunteers, mobile applications, 130 MDWs receives knowledge, existence of CRT, Hotline and Face Book, policies response and 200 MDWs access to health and legal aid services