Project name

Strengthening the Networking capacity and access of skills development opportunities among female migrant domestic workers in Thailand


Enhancing contribution of labour migration to poverty reduction in the Mekong region


9 months (August 2016-April 2017)


484,500 THB

Main activities

  1. Reach out to potential NDWT members and leaders
  2. 2 one day trainings on organizing
  3. Survey on skill development
  4. Document on existing network mechanism, support services and challenges. Recommendation for MDWs to develop career path and working  conditions, as well as MDWs seeking return to their country of origin.
  5. Facilitate skill trainings with IOM
  6. Drawing lesson learned from skill development


A report on NDWT and recommendations ,A report on skill training survey,         Evidence of 20 new members of MDWT , A report of follow-up and evaluation conducted amongst all successful training graduates